Is it pointless to keep hoping that I'll see him again?

I started seeing a guy and had never felt such a strong connection with someone. I felt really comfortable talking to him and I'm a very shy person. We both had parents who had died when we were young, had similar interests, and backgrounds... But after my best date (!!) I had radio silence. When I asked what was up he said that he thought that we had a connection but that he couldn't date anyone right now and that maybe someday we can go out again. It left me feeling very confused. I felt like he showed me every sign that he liked me and I was feeling very confident about the way things were going. The next day he sent me another weird apology text. It's been weeks now and I've been trying to date other people and move on, but I can't stop thinking about him. I guess he's just going through something? I don't know how to get over this guy especially with such mixed signals... Is it dumb to keep hoping that maybe we'll go out again? Should I reach out to him?


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  • Completely pointless. Move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah... esp because he keep giving mixed signals