Was it just a one night stand?

So I meet a guy online and I invited him to my Halloween party we had a good time and danced and after I invited him to hang with me and some friends at the dorms and he came and we hung out and talked for about 4 hrs with me and my friends they my friends went to there rooms but me and him stayed in the lobby and talked and we we're talking and we were pretty close to each other and he glanced at my lips and I looked at his and he kissed me and looked at me to see my response and then I kissed him and we made out and we went up to you room still making out which eventually turned to sex and after we cuddled and kissed and feel asleep the when we woke up we kissed and that turned to making out and sex again and after I showered and got dressed and so did he and we laid in bed and talked

but I don't know if this will turn into more and I never had sex with anyone on a first date or whatever the hell that was so I'm not sure if this could be more because I might like him he's in the army and he's smart and funny and I'm freaking out


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  • High chance thats what it was


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  • I don't know him as a person so I don't knoow if it just a one night stand! You should go directly to him.