How often do you see someone after one month of dating?

So here is my question. I have now been dating a guy for over a month. The first week we met we went out on three dates. Since then there has been three more but more at a once a week pace. He does text me almost everyday, but i'm just not sure how well you get to know someone if there is always a sevenish day gap between seeing them especially since we are going into the second month of dating and we did have sex pretty early on into the relationship. Sort of uncharted territory for me since that stuff happened so early and fast. Advice would be great. Does this seem like it could be something or too early to tell?

This also maybe a silly question. But I always have him text me first to make sure there is still a chase. At what point does it not become desperate for me to start to initiate contact?


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  • As often as you're both comfortable... There's no set formula. It's all about communication!


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  • Even if you're only seeing each other once a week at least he's definitely showing interest by still staying in contact with you daily. However I think seeing someone you are dating 3 times a week is a good amount. I dated a guy who I saw every single day when we first started dating is was fantastic at the time but I wouldn't ever recommend it to anyone.


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  • Two or three dates are fine depending on your schedule... can be once a week if one of you have a really busy week but make a point to definitely meet at least once in a week, otherwise it'll fizzle off


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