Do I tell her or not?

This girl I have a crush on has been having guys ask her out and they've been turned down. Well o asked if she was looking because we are friends. She said right now she's not looking because of school and fire department. She I send a text telling her how I feel or just wait till she's ready?


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  • I don't see why you can't. If she is into you then she'll very quickly change her mind and want to be with you. Besides how will you know if she's ready? It's not really something we have control over either. You can't switch off the love feels you have for someone no matter how much you're planning on not looking. It just takes one person to stand out and change your mind.

    • I was going to ask her to lunch again tomorrow. Should I tell her I have feeling for her and know she has school and that come first?

    • Yeah I think that's a good way of asking her.

    • Thanks for the help

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  • I'd keep it under wraps bud. If there was some way you had an advantage or chance over the guys she's already turned down, she would have somehow let you know when you asked if she was looking. That was a layup for her (clever) and probably put the notion in her mind anyway... (Why is he asking me that?) - So for now I would stay in the shadows (not literally) and wait til she's ready.

    • I invited her to lunch and she said yes. Is that a good idea?

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    • Just be careful you don't become her "gay sidekick" lol - good luck

    • What's the best way to not do that?

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  • Wait till she's ready, be there for her when she needs you, and be sweet.. Maybe one day she'll end up telling you she has feelings fro you.. But that doesn't always happen.. Just comfort her in her time of need, and flirt sometimes but do not make it obvious. Be subtle about it :P

    • What the best way to flirt? Well I took her to lunch once and then I invited her again tomorrow and she said yes.

    • Just keep doing that, play with her hair. that kind of stuff

    • Ok. Thanks for the help.

  • Dont think she is ready

    • Do I tell her how I feel? We are already friends

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    • I honestly don't know.
      I would take a break from a friendship if I liked someone.

      So I would just open a topic about crushes and stuff and eventually mention that I like him.

    • Thank for the help. I'm taking her to lunch again. May be she will mention someone

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  • If you like her, then yea go for it! Even if she rejects you, depending on how you feel about how special this girl is, let her know you'll wait for her, and that you're willing to be there for her anytime. HUGE WARNING: don't do it over text. Nothing turns a girl off more than texting her your feelings. Face to face is teh best way to do it, but depending on your situation, phone call is perfectly fine too.

    • We are friends. And we text and hang out a lot. I was going to invite her to lunch again. Should I tell her my feeling for her then? I just don't want to ruin my chances.

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    • I would definitely tell her! Just ask her saying you're curious if there's anything else between you two than friendship. If she says there is a possibility, ask her if she'd like to pursue it! If you're scared of it ruining your friendship, then just hint and make it more apparent that you like her and see how she reacts. You might have to keep doing this until she also sends hints your way. If she does, then go ahead and go fo rit!

    • I mean she knows I'm interested in some one. I texted her asking if she was looking for a relationship and that's when she said she doesn't think so because of school. Then she said she lost a best friend because he liked her and she didn't know so when she got feeling for him he didn't want to get hurt and date her.