What do guys like girls to do?

When a girl is over at a guys house, sitting around in his room, what should she do. Like besides having sex. Like I went to my bfs house and we were sitting together on the bed, and we were just messing around. I was sitting in his lap, then I laid back with my legs on either side of him and he slid his hands up my shirt and everything. But what's something else we can do yo get close and personal

What else can we do just to be close? Like what can we do to be physical with each other


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  • What do you do with your other friends? Do that. I've been in a lot of girls rooms and about 95% of the time we talk watch tv play games eat whatever. A few of those girls I get into bed with and do sexual stuff but if you can't enjoy just chill in together then your probably not gonna do well as a couple.

    • We love just chilling out, but I just wanted to know something I could do if I wanted to do something


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  • Are you asking what else you two can do besides the physical intimacy portion of a relationship? Your question isn't really clear.

  • Hrmmm... unless you take it outside the bedroom, that's gonna be thing on his (and probably your) mind. You're teens and probably horny. It's normal. You need to find an activity to take your mind off that part. Even watching a movie is bad news... get outside... go for a walk... sounds lame I know.

  • Cuddle in bed?


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