Why do only guys on the internet like me?

I like to use Kik messenger a lot to talk to friends and people who like the same shows as me. I get approached by a lot of guys and some have even told me they love me online (what?). However, at school, boys don't really seem to care for me or speak to me unless we sit close or are working on a project together, and they're just friends. My profile pic is nothing special, just a simple selfie of me without filters and little or no makeup.

That's what I figured, but I'm just confused as to why I haven't been approached in this way at least once off the internet. Do I seem unapproachable or am I missing the signs? I do tend to be kind of blunt, sarcastic and maybe even a little defensive? I guess since most guys at my school are immature assholes who like to joke around about dating and flirting when they aren't being sincere, I try to protect myself from misinterpreting or being tricked by them.


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  • It's easier to talk to people under anonymity, whereas a guy in real life will have to face you every day if you say yes/no, a guy online can forget all about you if you turn him down.


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  • People are less shy online, so it's easier for them to express their interest in you. They are not that much afraid of rejection/being turned down.