Did I offend him?

I have been seeing a guy I met online for a few weeks now. We went on our 6th date this past weekend and had great conversation and kissed. I initiated the kiss again and we both seemed to like it. During our dates he seems to be a bit shy and we haven't gone past kissing. I told him on the 6th date that I think he is kind of shy. The next day, he texted me and laughed at the fact that I called him shy. I responded with "Well, that's the impression I got! You can prove me wrong next time ;)."

SInce then, he has been texting me but his texts have haven't been as frequent and he hasn't setup a date to meet up again. Usually, he texts me multiple times a day and sets up the next date right away. Is what I said about him being shy offensive? I am confused!!


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  • Interesting... I don't see how what you said would have been offensive or anything, so I wouldn't worry about that... Maybe he's not as interested now that he's gotten to know you better? Maybe he's got another girl that he's more in to? Maybe he's just busy and hasn't had as much time, or doesn't want to seem too desperate? Hard to know really, seems a little strange but not completely bizarre. Maybe go quiet and see if he texts you?

    • That's what I was planning. Yesterday, I didn't text him at all. And last night at 11pm he sent me a message saying that he just say a concert and it was great. And asked how my day was. I had fallen asleep by then. So today I texted him back. And he responded with one line. I don't get it either!

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    • haha. that would be great! I hope I get to see him again and that I haven't done anything to make him run. I guess he is still texting me and responding to my texts even though it is brief. A guy who is not interested doesn't text at all, right?

    • Most likely if he was totally not interested you wouldn't even be hearing from him. I think you're in good shape :-) Let us know how it turns out!

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  • I think he playing some sort of game! And if not he should tell you.

    • Really? Why do you think that?

    • Because he use to text you a lot and now he decreasing his speed!


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  • No, I don't think you have offended him by any means. It's possible that you got a right impression about him, shy guys are like that, they take their time to get comfortable, but he might prove you wrong.

    • He told me that he likes to take things slow on date 1. So either 1) he is shy 2) taking things REALLY slow or 3) not that into me anymore. But last night he sent me a text on his way home from a concert telling me that it was great and asking me how my day was. He wouldn't have texted if he wasn't still interested... right?

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    • Thanks for your advice! The opposite sex is hard to figure out sometimes :)

    • The opposite gender?

      Yes, sometimes and in some cases many times they are hard to figure out. You're right.

  • Shy guys try to be hard asses. They are already shy which means that they already think that you don't like them no matter whether you kissed them or not. In his head, you dont like him. you would think that he would understand after you kissed him, but he is having a war with his thoughts right now. He has come to the conclusion that he should withdraw a little bit just to see if that will make you want him even more because like i said he thinks that you dont like him and that he is failing


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