Does he like me?

Okay so I just met this guy and I can tell he's nervous around me but every time we talk, when we look at each other's eyes we stare for about 20 seconds while talking. I don't know it's weird lol and he he stays teasing me and trying to find a way to talk to me. I cook and I told him I made my own cookbook recently :) and he showed me his recipes he made at home and told me he's going to try to cook something lol he's always walking towards me. He's friendly just like me to other people but he doesn't act like that towards them. Like me, I'm really nice but if I'm not that attracted to you I won't make it seem like I'm interested in a flirty way. But, here's the catch it's been 3 months already and he hasn't asked for my number.. I mean when we talk it seems like he wants to say something but just is nervous. I know it's 2015 yes.. But I can't help my shyness when I'm next to him! I feel like a 7th grade girl crushing on the popular kid lol And also.. He's been dressing up a lot nicer for the past 2 weeks trying to get my attention lol Do you think he likes me? From your experiences? Girls with crushing on their ex or currently boyfriends? Or guys what do you usually do if u like a girl? And what can I do to show him I'm interested except for all the corny stuff like twirling your hair or punching his arm? Because this isn't clueless lol thanks! :)


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  • When I like a girl I pretty much do the exact same thing.


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  • He definitely seems interested in you, From past experiences I would have to lean with that he likes you. Hmmm... What you can do to show him that you're interested is that..(this is what I do with good guy friends) I would ask if they would wanna thumb wrestle, yes I know childish, but then as you two are warring it off I look up to see how they react when your hands touch, if he's interested guys just act different and trust me, I feel like you would know due to your information. Unless he's is a very good actor.
    Good luck to you :) and best wishes


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  • Right im 17 off in army next year and its so hard to find a girlfreind becuase im not good looking what shall i do i have been single for 19 months now


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