Why is no one supportive of my relationship?

Okay Im turning 18 VERY soon I met this guy when I was in middle school we started dating when we were 12 so about 6 years we have been dating. Ever since we were little we always told eachother we wanted to marry eachother and that we couldnt wait till we were older and could cuddle in bed and hold hands whenever we wanted. Im turning 18 SO SOON. This is the guy I wanna marry. I want to spend my life with him and have kids. But my friends are so unsupportive they think its weird to get married as soon as you turn 18 but Im madly in love with this guy. And he loves me just as much. Then one of them told me we wouldn't make a cute couple... Like wtf does that mean. They said because he has brown skin brown eyes and black hair it would be weird to date a blue eyes pale skin blonde girl. And would just be ugly together. Like wtf. Looks dont matter because we love eachother. Are they just being immature about it? Or is it me?


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  • Don't rush into marriage, your late teens and early 20's are a time when soooo much changes, you come out the other side a different person than you are right now.
    If your relationship with this guy is good enough to consider marriage right now, it should be able to make it until you're at least out of college (or reach that age... 22-25 or thereabouts).
    If marriage is supposed to be for life, waiting another couple of years isn't that long.
    A lot, if not most people who rush into marriage in their teens/ very early 20's end up getting divorced before long so the odds aren't really in your favor, no matter how in love you are right now.

    Wait a little longer, it won't hurt the relationship and you'll get a lot more support from your friends and family if your 18th birthday party isn't also your wedding party.

    Good luck!

    • We have already been together six years though. And everyday of like six years we were waiting for the day we could get married and we could have a legal document stating we were family. No one really understands our love for each other. I don't want any guy but him and if were gonna get married in the future why can't we just do it now?

    • Because it's not normal, you are barely an adult... This is a huge decision and responsibility, and even though you've been together 6 years, you don't know for sure what the first few years out of highschool are going to be like. I can tell you from personal experience, it is a time of massive change, you become a whole new person. What is it that being married will give you besides a new last name and possibly some tax benefits that will make such a big difference?
      Let's say you only live until your 80, which there's a good chance you'll both live longer, but that means you've got 62 years ahead of you. What would it hurt to wait another 4 years before getting married?

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  • Well I suggest you wait until your older! Until you can figure yourself out as a person! Learn the career path you want and learn more about who you are!


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  • not a single attempt at reasoning with intelligence, or charming us with your sense of class.

    you certainly sound your age. i'm with your friends. no.

    try living and paying the bills together first.

    the percentage of a successful marriages in their 20s... is grim

  • because people know you won't work out if you do.

    the average women of today are mature and metally stable after 26.

    you're gonna get prego and divorced and have no options later on.

    where are your parents in all this?

  • I'm guessing they think it's weird that you started dating when you were 12. That's WAY too young.


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  • Its not a great decision to get married that early.. explore a bit ur so young!.. fr marriage u hav a whole life ahead but once ur married ur competely restricted