I don't trust the guy I'm talking to, what should I do?

I've been talking to this guy for a month and I don't trust him. He's the first guy I've talked to in years and I'm super afraid he's going to hurt me. The main reasons I'm afraid are because:
1) He doesn't always reply to my text messages.
2) He likes a ton of other girls pictures on FB, and he hasn't like any of mine. Also, most of these girls are nothing like me. They're like bad girls compared to me.
3) We've already had sex. He could be using me for sex until someone better comes along. Or sleeping with me and someone else.

He's the first guy I've had in my life in years. I do really like him but I'm scared. I kind of want to end things before he hurts me :/ please help.


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  • You're right not to trust him. It looks like you're just an option for him and not someone that he's serious about. I personally think that you should end things because he's not being fair to you at all.

    • He seems legit when we're together :/
      He still likes being with me when sex isn't involved.
      He cooks for me and cuddles with me.
      He's not afraid to be with me in public and I also met some of his friends.
      I've called him out about the texting and he apologized and promised to do right.

      However, I think you're right I feel like an option. We should honestly be dating now but we're just talking despite having sex and spending so much time together.


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  • You've been use and abused. Live learn then get loves. You girls make it so easy MEN!

  • In this case I say don't talk to him Or meet him I think you should deserve a better guy than that


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  • red flags man red flags!

  • Your intuition is correct. These are all red flags. End it before u get hurt badly.