Could he be interested in getting to know me better? Was he implying we go to the movies together?

So, I have started to like this guy a little. Over the weekend I just decided to text him and ask him to go to lunch. We are both seniors in high school and have been friends. Well, if we are ever around each other we talk a lot. When I texted him and asked him he said “yeah sounds good to me!” A few days later we went to lunch. When we got to the place he offered to pay and basically wouldn’t let me. I think he was probably being nice but do guys spend money on people that they may not be interested in? I’m not trying to make that come across in a stereo typical way…but when my ex-boyfriend and I went to lunch before we started dating…he never paid until we were dating…. anyways... We had a great time. We just talked and talked. I know he doesn’t have a girlfriend and I don’t think he would have gone with me if he was talking to someone else. I’m not expecting us to just be in a relationship. I really want to get to know him better and maybe go on a few dates. After we went to lunch I texted him and told him thanks again for lunch and we should go again sometime and he agreed. We continued to text a little and I brought up a movie we had talked about over lunch and how it is supposed to come out over the weekend. I wasn’t intending for him to think that we should go together (although that would be cool). He texted back “our shows are this weekend otherwise I would go” (he is in theater and they have their show this weekend, which I knew) I texted back something and he replied with “…(some other stuff)…maybe the weekend after…” to go see the movie…was he implying we go together? A few of my guy friends say that he is, but I’m not sure and I didn’t know how to ask…What do you guys think? I genuinely like him and think that there could be something...


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  • Sounds to me like he just wants to impregnate you.


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  • yess.
    he wants to go to the movies with you