I freak out everytime he tries to kiss me. Im 19 and never been kissed?

Ok so im a girl, 19 and never been kissed. Im seeing this one guy for over a month now but we still haven't kissed ( french kissed). And the reason is im scared! He doesn't know I've never been kissed. And he kissed me a few times and tried to use his tounge but i kept my mouth closed. I want to do it but:
1) i dont want him to know its my first kiss and people keep telling me he'll know.
2) since he thinks I've done it before i dont want him to think im bad at it.

But basicly i have no idea what to do with my mouth or tounge? How wide should i open the mouth? Can both of our toungs be in each others mouth at the same time? And would it be weird if only he used the tounge and not me first time?

Any advice pls!


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  • I had my first french like a month ago, just let him take the lead, he will open your mouth with his tongue, you will feel it and you will know what to do...