Why do hot girls date guys that are ugly as hell?

OK I think I'm a pretty good looking guy smart, good job, own stuff, car but can't get a girl. But I see girls that are beautiful dating these guys that look like they haven't taken a bath in weeks and haven't had a job in just as long .



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  • I'm just going to be honest, I have plenty of pretty friends that date average and even below average looking guys, they all have their own reasons for them. I've dated one or two as well, not saying I'm even anything special or anything. But I have never seen any of them date one that looks like he hasn't taken a bath in weeks. I'm just saying...

    While their reasons vary from case to case, they all boil down just clicking with that person. Having really good connections with them on at least one level, usually more than just one. And I've heard a lot about those guys being really good in bed too, that's kind of a side not, but it could be more of a reason than I've even realized.


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  • I can't tell you how many times I have heard this...But knowing me and my girlfriend all have different taste in what attracts us and none of us like the same kind! That whole beauty is in the eye of the beholder is very true sometime a person is so wonderful that to you they are the sexist thing that came along but to someone else they don't see it. I have seen very very attractive guys and thought mmmm and then they open their mouth and then its ugh! Then there are not so "attractive" guys and they are so much more and it just makes your heart melt.

  • first off ROTFLMFAO!

    haha, I think it depends on what each girl likes?

    thats kind of stereotyping but its all good.

    every girl is different with who she wants to date.

  • it depends on the girl, we are all different.

    to me looks and money isn't everything. a guy could be hot as hell and have money out the ass but be stuck up, entitled and have no personality

    maybe the guy with no money and job has swagg, or has a good heart, treats her well, is good in bed, makes her laugh, fun to be around, exciting...it depends on the guy

    u can't think that just because you look good on paper (looks, intelligence, money, car) that you are entitled to a woman.

  • lol. I like how the ugly/average guys are complaining that girls are too picky about looks and here's an attractive guy whining that girls are too focused on things other than looks and money.

    • Im just saying stability or have kids that look like eddie munster .....seriously am I missing something I buy these chicks whaever they ask 4

    • Lmao anonymous user!!!

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