Girls think my place looks like a frat house. How can I make it more girl-friendly?

I graduated college a few years ago and have been doing my grown-up thing, but when girls come over to my apartment they tell me my place makes them feel like they are in a frat house. I like it the way it is, but what can I do to make it more girl friendly?


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  • A few throw pillows (they can be "manly" colors and fabrics), adequate seating and lighting, a coffee table, and candle to mask any "funky" smells (once again, there's plenty of "manly" smelling ones out there), and even a blanket during the winter. Women like places that are comfortable and clean. Most bachelor pads are anything but that! Pictures are a great way to personalize your pad. Also, if you insist on having pictures of scandalous women on your walls, you may have to think about how that makes your female guests feel. It may make you less dateable in some women's eyes.

    Best of luck!

    • Or... he could just ask her to help him. :)

      I don't know, that's what I would do. I suck at interior decorating.

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    • What if I just wanted an excuse to spend time with her? :)

    • Are we talking about the person who posted the question... or you? lol. He generalized about women, he didn't mention one in particular. But I suppose "he" could take the special lady in waiting shopping. Who knows, love could bloom in the bedding department. :)


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  • Why don't you ask some of your girlfriends (who have seen your house) for advice? I'm sure they'll have some good suggestions.

    If you have beer posters or pictures of scandally dressed girls on your walls, empty alcohol bottles for decoration, a fridge full of beer and frozen pizza, then those things can go.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. Lots of guys live like a college kid until they find a woman to "nest" in the house with them.

  • Make it neater,make sure you spice it to look like your parents house mixed with yours. Like furniture, pictures, t.v., plates, dishes, you know the worx.


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  • You could simply ask them to help you choose out some stuff. Don't worry they won't glorify it with girl stuff, they will be helpful.