Dating a guy 18 vs 21?

So I've had friends / acquaintances aged 15-30 (school, college, family friends ect) and guys over the age of 21 say seem a lot more mature, responsible and experienced than guys under 21.

For example I'd feel much safer having sex with a guy who's 21 and experienced as opposed to a nervous 18 year old virgin. Also I get the impression that younger guys are more prone to getting girls accidentally pregnant as opposed to older guys?


I'm 17 (f) and I think I'd rather date a guy a little older than me (next year when I'm 18) say maybe aged 20-24? Is that appropriate? Would it work? Is there that much of a difference? Do you have any experiences dating older guys?

Thanks for answers :)


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What Guys Said 1

  • When you're over 18 yiu can date whoever you want and people can't do shit about it


What Girls Said 1

  • Ofcourse it would work if you want it to. I've never dated someone my age always older however it wouldn't be such a drastic change except it's more enjoyable, less drama (sometimes) even guys that are 20-24 can act childish x