Best time to ask a girl out on a date (College freshman)?

So I'm a college freshman and I recently met this girl in my math class. I didn't really have much interest in her at first until she hit me up. So after our 1st exam, I got a 100 and she received a 50 and was really disappointed with her grade. She then just started talking to me asking me my name and if went to the same high school, etc. After 2 class meetings, she asked me in class for my phone number so I could help her out via texting/calling. I said sure and then after a couple of days, she asked me if we could meet up sometime so I can tutore her. So we met and I spent roughly 3 hours with her. Most of the time was helping her out and some was just talking about life. The following weekend, she added me on snapchat and started asking for more help. At this point, I started liking her. I felt like we can have something going. So after I helped her out, I just started asking random questions about the exam because I just wanted to talk her, regardless of the topic. The following day, we had our exam so after I hit her up asking how she did and she said it was great and thanked me. It's been 2 days since and she hasn't hit me up. We do have class tomorrow so I do hope to get something cooking. Also to note, she does always smile when she talks to me and usually starts the convo. My main concern is whether or not she has a boyfriend and I really don't know the best way to ask her. None of my friends no either. Hopefully, if she doesn't, I need to find out thebest time to ask her out. I can really use a ton of help since this is the first time I'm planning on asking someone out.


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  • gurmeet97: I think you might want to give it a few more days. I can't tell if she's interested in you, or if she's interested in the free tutor, or if she's just a nice girl.


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  • you should start hanging out with her (like eating lunch with her and shit). and then towards exam week, tell her that you like her and would wanna know if she would wanna date. that way you could get a more accurate read as to whether or not she likes you, but also be able to milk as much time with her just in case she says no. and if she for whatever reason is creeped out or starts avoiding you, you don't have to see her any more in class.