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Hey, I'm in a relationship that I either feel very happy or really shitty. It used to be like 80% very happy 20% really shitty. But now it's about 50/50. I really love her but I am getting tired of being hurt. Also we are now in a long distance relationship. I was going to move there January. Would that make things better? Would being in person be with the two months long distance before that?

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  • If your relationship is gradually turning sour, I suggest you to leave her and try to be happy with another girl.
    You're too young to put up with that.


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  • You're young, this is no time for just being 50% happy in the relationship. Many other girls out there for you that will make you 100% (or realistically 97.5%) happy, and plenty of guys out there that will make her happy.

    Moving somewhere new to be with a girl you're not 100% happy with is recipe for disaster. Don't do it.


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