Should I kiss him on our date?

Obviously I know one of the first things is to consider if the date when good, lol. Usually I don't kiss on the first date, however, this senario from my other dates that usually involve I guy I haven't got to know well yet. The guy I'm going out with is one I know, and I actually already went on a date with him once a while ago. The date was ok but everything kind of fizzled out afterwards, I didn't kiss him then. Recently we started talking again and he asked me on a date and I accepted. If the date goes well i am considering kissing him. I actually wanted to the first time I went on a date with him but I got nervous and I've always been told not to kiss on the first date, besides I think he was nervous the whole time too. If everything goes well and I decide to kiss him should i kiss him on the cheek or just do a small kiss on the lips, that is if he doesn't try to kiss me first?


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  • "First" date, consider the cheek with a look that asks for more. See what comes up from there...


What Girls Said 1

  • If everything goes well and if you feel the moment is right, then give him a slight peck on the lips.