When is it consider fine to go Semi-Exclusive with someone you are dating?

I've heard a lot about people saying they are in a Semi-Exclusive relationship.

Which basically means, you as a pair come up with rules that are acceptable but you two are together. Ill give you what a co-worker told me about his semi-exclusive relationship he just got in.

Do"s: Exclusive- Sex, physical (contact-kissing, holding hands etc)

Dont's- Acceptable - Can date other people, meet people on dating sites, etc.

So anyone else in a Semi-Exclusive relationship and if so what are your rules? How long did you date to move into this? IS it working or did it work?



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  • I don't understand. So you say sex is exclusive but they can still date other people?

    • Correct, the physical aspect of things is exclusive (atleast in their relationship ) but they still use dating sites and go on dates with other people.

      I read online and saw something where a pair, said sex with others was fine but they had to disclose it to each other after. (Personally I think its crazy, I think you are or are not exclusive )

      I just want to know if there are many other people out there doing this.

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