Do white girls like back guys?

I dont really have a preference for white girls but ever since i started going to college in the south it seems white girls purposely avoid me. Im not a creep or loser and im a pretty handsome guy black girls give me a lot of play but white girls seemingly avoid at parties. Every time i go to a frat party they say im the entertainer and i get a lot of attention but white girls flee when i try to talk to them and it wasn't like this before I know its like this because like the first week it wasn't like this but once they girls learned that if your seen with a black guy your seen as a slut it changed is this just me. Ironically it was worste in SAE i didn't know i was in that one but yeah is this just me?


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  • I live in the south, and see lots of white girls with black men who have beautiful bi-racial children, so I don't think there's a problem, there. However, you don't mention where you're from, or where you live now, so there could be cultural variances that factor in.

    • I'm from nola its very intermixed I'm mixed infact i live in oxford ms now

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    • yeah its college though i didn't think it would be like this but its all good you live in fayetville because we play arckansas this week. here is probably very conservative but you can't tell because all the college kids but i miss nola but love here too but in nola i think race was about class here i think there's actual racism i think i needed to be here I've learned so much i never thought i would

    • I don't live in Fayettville, but it is much more progressive there, than here. I'm in a small town with not much retail or industry, but a church on every corner. I wouldn't mind living in Fayettville, honestly. I appreciate your insights, and tend to agree with your observations about race/class in nola. I have seen more actual racism since being here, too.

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  • Maybe it's where you're at... Did you try telling them that once ya go black you're gonna need a wheelchair?

  • Honestly, i like black guys. Theyre always a great time in my opinion! And from my experience great in bed too 😉

  • I'm not full white, I'm half Mexican, but my preference is black men.. that's all I've ever dated


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  • Start enjoying with black girls!! Try not to pay attention to the whites! Once the whities see that you are not paying attention to them they'll get jealous they'll either come themselves or they wouldn't come at all..! But still you're lucky you have black girls!! And by enjoying I mean being the rockstar of the party etc etc..!

    • yeah good point you kind of always focus on what you don't have but it just seems fucked up

    • Then simply unfuck it up, dude ;)

  • White girls like Asian guys. Not black guys.

    • at least i don't get as little play as Asian guys i should be happy

    • The the most populated in the world bruh.

    • They*