Guys, Not sure if guy I have been dating has a girlfriend, what to do?

If you were single would you have a profile pic with one of your female friends in it?

This guy has told me he is single.
We have been talking on the phone, meeting up and have slept together also.

I found out that you can find peoples profile on facebook with their phone number, so naturaly I facebook stalked! Were not at a point where I would think it's weird for me to not know his full name and not be connected on social media.

So I found him. His profile photo he is with another girl. It would appear they are in the same profession so could just be friends and collegues so I don't want to assume he is lying about being single.

I would have a profile photo with one of my male friends and it wouldn't be unusual for me to be close to one of them. I have known most of my male friends for 15 years.

The photo of them isn't huggin or anything but they are sat close.

What do you think?

Would like to point the out the guy is in one group photo on her page. Not on any of his instagram. (I feel bit werid social media stalking!)


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  • You pretty much answered your own question - as you said, it wouldn't be unusual for you to have a photo with a male friend of yours. This goes for the guy too.

    If I were you, I wouldn't worry too much about it, but if you keep seeing each other and you really do like each other, then asking him shouldn't be a problem.


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  • "So naturaly I facebook stalked" bahaha that made my day. You're looking too deep into this photo issue. Forget you ever saw it and don't let the can worms out and bring it up to him.

  • That's not enough to know if she's her girlfriend or not. I wouldn't mind putting a pic of me and a female friend as my profile, she's my friend, that's it.

  • It's not called Facebook stalking if you are only there doing a background check. It's not much to go on so don't think too much about it.

  • If you are dating him, wouldn't you be his girlfriend?

    You think this guy os two timing and up to no good?

  • It is not neccessary that the girl in the profile picture is his girl friend. May be she is his best friend or something like that. But still if you don't like that then do samething with your DP. He will get it what is going in your mind. Without saying something. There can be the chances that he will introduce you with her to solve the problem.

    • Oh no I got no probs with uys with friends who are girls. I get it, I have a lot of guy friends. At this early stage it's hard to say where we are going, I would just hate to be talking and meeting up with someones boyfriend like that!

  • I understood nothing!