Girls, what is a very clingy guy like?

And how would you fix that?


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  • someone who wants to know where you are 24/7 be it in the toilet or in your room =.=


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  • For me, a clingy guy would be someone who can't give me any space. I don't mind when my boyfriend calls or texts a lot, but if I'm doing homework or something, i don't want him texting me every three minutes asking how I'm doing. Does this make sense?

    I guess what I mean is that a clingy guy would be a guy who constantly needs my attention, and gets anxious/upset when he doesn't have it.

    • Where's the perfect balance between ignoring you and clinging on?

    • There isn't really a perfect balance. It's going to depend a lot on the girl and her needs for space. A general good rule is that if she's doing something that requires focus, leave her alone unless she texts you first.

  • Texts, calls a lot. Asks whats wrong or is everything ok. Wants to be with u constantly.

    • What's wrong with that?

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    • what does that actually mean in action? I ignore you all day?

    • Hell no! I would want to talk throughout the day. Would be lonely.

  • Texting or calling constantly. Won't let them have space. It's annoying or very unattractive. Most independent women don't need a man on their ass 24/7. If they don't text back immediately they're busy doing their own thing and they will get back to you when they're done.