What's a good food for a first date?

So I'm going on a date with this guy and I'm super nervous. It's not a huge deal. We're just going to stop at Panera and walk around the mall a bit. I'm honestly super nervous about what to order at the restaurant. I know he probably won't care either way but, guys, are they're any "turn off" foods? Is a salad going to make me look like I'm trying to hard? Will it be weird to get mac and cheese? I know I may be over compensating for my nerves but some opinions would be nice👍 thanks! (I'm 16)


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What Guys Said 1

  • Nah, we really don't care. Just make sure to avoid any strange foods that might make the first date butterflies a little too active... probably not a concern at panera though. Good luck with your date!


What Girls Said 1

  • For me, I would go with something I couldn't spill or make too much noise with. Mac and Cheese might actually be perfect :-)