Wherever I go, all girls are married/ or in relations no matter if they are old or young ugly or cute! always just me single😓 why?

Guys when you exclude some girls?
girls how did you find your partner? I am pretty sure I have a good looking but I don't know why?


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  • I guess you aren't sending them the right vibes unlike other girls who make it well known that they not only like a guy... But they want then to be their man 😉😉😞😫so flirt harder next time you like a guy and see how that plays out http://oi63.tinypic.com/2vnnt5i.jpg


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  • Obviously the world is encouraging you to travel more :p

    I found my boyfriend in Costa Rica, for example. Even though he lives literally 10 minutes away from me back home. But we had to go to basically the equator to find each other.

    Plus traveling is cool


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  • Finding a partner has nothing to do with how you look. You just haven't found anyone whom you have great chemistry or even there could be something you're doing, or something you believe that has kept you from getting involved in something serious.

    Being in a relationship is awesome but I rather be single than being in a shitty relationship, far worse being with someone who will fuck you over.. I'd say don't wait for it, and keep your thing.

    • Yeah what he said about the chemistry thing... I called it vibes in mine 😊

  • Well look no further cuz he's alrdy right here infront of u anon babez 😉

  • We haven't met yet.. 😏


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