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Ok, there is this guy that I really like. And he says that I'm cute and he flirts with me every time I see him. The thing is, he is my older brothers best friend. He is also 20(about to be 21) and I am 17(about to be 18). Well he doesn't want to do anything with me because he is my brothers friend. But my brother dated his twin sister for like 2-3 years like a year ago. So I don't see the problem. Well yesterday I was texting him and I asked him that after I turn 18, if he will go out with me. Well he said that he wants to tlk to me about it wen he has not been drinking. Is that a good sign that he might say yes? I need help I really like him and I want to be with him.


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  • With accordance to the man code, he should ask your brother for permission to date you.


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  • It can't be a totally bad sign. If the answer was no he just would've said no. He must be feeling something for you at the very least.