Is that ok?

so last night I went on a first date with a guy I really really like, and we were french kissing and holding hands and cuddling, do you think that's OK?


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  • depends on the guy. some might think you're easy and not be interested in you beyond making out. some might think it's perfectly fine and not think any less of you. sometimes it doesn't matter - if they really like you, they'll be happy; and if they just want to hook up and possibly more, well, then they're not worth your time to care what they think of you.

    also I disagree with the girl below me, everything but sex is not okay. kissing and holding hands is perfectly fine. if you did anything more than that, that's slutty.


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  • of course its okay, I don't see why not unless he has a girlfriend or something.

    As long as people don't have sex on the first date, cause that's just wrong to me.

  • It's normal, but you should take it slower