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Around a month ago I confessed to a guy friend that I liked him and I was awkardly but kindly rejected by him. He told me that he was not culuturally allowed to get into "romantic relations" until he graduated while his sister told me that their mother was fine with them dating (2 weeks before the confession) but none of them has ever been in a open relationship before. He then hinted that he would give us a shot during college and told me that "it's the wrong time and place". He also proceeded to admit that I was his "ideal type". I ultimately felt bad for putting him in a tough spot and having feelings for him, but the next day he started acting weird about it. I felt upset and splurted out that "I'll get over you like any other crush." I just hated to see him looking guilty about the situation and I hated what I said. I got mad that he picked school over me for a few days but fell back in the hole where I believed in his words and I considered on waiting for him till then. (We're seniors about to graduate) He was intended to be a homecoming date (I told him that) but he didn't want to go and I didn't want him to waste his money just to go as "friends" with me, so I went alone with friends. One thing led to another and my friends and family told me that he didn't recognize my self-worth and I shouldn't wait for him. (Everyone was supportive when they heard I had a crush on him but he was the only one against it, so they thought he isn't worth my time.) I developed strong feeling towards him but thought their opinions were true, so I tried to move on. He then started putting more effort into a relationship since I no longer put so much dedication into seeing the guy who rejected me. Now, whenever we talk my feeling start arising again and I get confused and I remind myself that there's a guy out there who would happily take my confession and appreciate me now. So I've been ignoring him so I can figure it out but I know he notices it and I feel awful cause I like hi


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  • Send him nudes. Guys will love you if you send nudes


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  • same thing here don't worry bout it, but don't play hard to get because if you still like him and he see's that you don't like him because of the way you treated him then you might not have a chance. talk to him and see how it goes.