How young is too young to post a profile on a dating site?

I am a 23 and never been in a relationship. I dont have much of a social life and dont like going to bars or anything like that but I want to meet guys and have a real relationship. I always thought that dating sites like match and eharmony and stuff were for older people in thier 30's and 40's who wanted to get married but lately I have considered it becasue I have no luck out in everyday life.


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  • I know, but I sort of quit those site for random reasons. 23 isn't to young though, go for it if you want. I prefer pof. com


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  • Post away on those dating sites, lady! I think being 18 years old and up work for dating sites. Now I haven't been on any personally, but many of them are open to a wide variety of ages. Many people just do not have the time to go out or do not enjoy going out to bars like you, so online dating is a better option for you and so many others.