Does she love me anymore?

Recently I lost my car there for I am not able to care for my girlfriend like I used to. She is able to drive I have asked what she thinks of me not having a car and all. I also on my mind if she found someone better then me I don't have much money in life.. I don't have a car anymore... I am not the smartist most intellgent man in the world I feel. She goes to a private high scool and I has money.. There are guys there with money and have nice things.. Making me think.. IS she cheating on me or I am no longer THAT man for her.. What should I do? Her and I spend a lot of time together.. I have been feeling this way a lot recently.. It feels like she can't talk to me about how she feels. Help please


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  • Same thing is happening to me and my boyfriend right now.. he's in your position and im always able to get around since i have a car and will be going to college in two months.. He believes that i may find someone better than him and i never really told him how i felt about the situation.. Like its been months since he had a car and I've been going to see him.. Sometimes its hard.. Like usually guys pick up girls and take them out not the other way around.. But its a car.. I love my boyfriend and he thinks anyone can come and swoop me up at anytime but me and him spend so much time together and honestly i care about me and him too much to even allow that to happen.. So maybe she sees more in you than your car dude.


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  • Probaly never did.



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  • It's your insecurity, not her issue. If she is spending time with you, it's because she values your relationship, and would prefer to spend time investing in it, than doing something else. Don't let you feelings of inadequacy lead to your accusing her of cheating. Circumstances sometimes put us in non-desirable positions, but our possessions don't determine our value as a person, and it seems your girl cares about you regardless of what you own or drive (or don't drive).


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