Girls, How would you attract his attention?

If you see a Random guy who looks Shy/ Quiet and you fancy him at first sight, how would you act or try to attract his attention?

Have you personally experienced anything like this?


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  • No this never happen to me before. But if I knew he was single... wait nevrmind this has happen to me before. I saw the cutest guy with the prettest eyes and he look so kind working in a bread shop. I waved to him and I am like yo give me your number. To which he replied come in but then said he has a girlfriend. I was outside wait for the bus of the bread shop where he was working. Cute guy but sadly taken.

    • Thanks :) Do you find shy/quiet guys awkward or funny?

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    • would you giggle or something?

    • no I don't giggle.

  • I will tell my friends first, I think.
    I have seen quiet guys but I didn't approach.