Why Shy/Quiet attractive guys are usually single or never get laid?


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  • Because they have a negative mentally.

    • What is the negative mentality they have?

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    • No. I would assume he just stare at me and he not intersted in me.

    • Thanks.

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  • They're too much in their heads that's why. They fear of saying the wrong thing to a girl, so they fail to try to be emotionally stimulating. They're stuck with the same idle conversations that lead to nowhere.

    • Do you think they are usually boring as well?

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    • *Fear that makes them play it safe rather*

    • cool !!


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  • Some of them are, and they just don't broadcast it to the world. It's called being discreet.

    • I agree, some. But a large chunk would be single or never mingle, despite being attractive?

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    • For a percentage of them, dating and sex are all they post about. But some of them post nine selfies and updates a day. Girls busy with sports, academics and volunteer work might post one or two pictures a month. So there are more 'average' girls than obsessive ones, you just get less exposure to them.

    • ummm, that's a very good point to think about.

  • Probably because they don't approach women and stuff.

    • Do girls find shy guys behaviour weird?

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    • No, not really. Or if I do I don't know that they're Indian.

    • Fair enough. The main reason behind this notion of "creepy" is because a girls reportedly catch those Indian guys staring at them. Staring equates to creepy.

      That was the reason I asked earlier, about staring. Would you like to add something special about this staring business?

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  • While you're too much of a pussy to approach, Jerome is fucking your bitch.