Is it smart to chase a girl that's in a relationship?

Ok so me and this girl I've known each other for 7 years now and through high school we would have stretches were it seem like we would begin to "talk" then something happens not like a falling out but just something happens and we don't talk as much this happened 3 times but she flirted with me a little in high school so now I'm a jr in college when I came back home we chilled and kicked it off and flirted heavy But she told me she was talking to someone she really doesn't like in a relationship why but he's such a nice person she's trying to see if something sparks should I still try and get her or let there thing play out and try then because I look at it like this if she really does like me how im hoping she'll give me that chance regardless


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  • No, not smart at all. How would you feel if you were in a relationship with a girl and a guy kept pursuing her?

    • Why would she flirt so much then if she don't like me of course I would be mad if someone was talking to my girl but you know sometimes people meet each other at the right time nd Sparks fly I believe that happened nd sometimes You can't worry about someone feelings you don't onoe especially when she told me she doesn't really like the guy and she tries to like him haven't had sex nothing

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  • No. If she can "cheat" for you, how can you guarantee that she will not cheat again?


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  • If a woman in a relationship is interested in you, she will pursue you.