ok so im really close to deleting my dating profile i paid for a subscription and nothing is working women just ignore my messages and block me and its really taking a toll on my self esteem can you please help me fix this profile by either drafting one up or helping me edit it


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  • I think POF is just for people who want to have sex, no? You might want to look at other dating sites that are more serious. I don't use dating sites so I don't really know but I'm sure other people can make some suggestions.

    But what I have heard from friends is that online dating is really challenging. People talk to so many other people, rarely respond to others, etc.

    But maybe you can change your photos to something more fun... you have 3 photos that kind of look the same. Maybe a photo of you at some kind of event where you're dressed up, some kind of outdoorsy photos.. and a selfie if you want.

    Take out the fact that your longest relationship is less than one year. People don't need to know that at the beginning and might wrongfully judge you.

    • ok here's what just happen that got me really upset i caem across this profile of a really attractive blonde who wasv near me i messaged her cause she said she liked rap i figured i would start a conversation off that but anyways i said i thought iw was cool she liked rap and i thought it was attractive she replies quick good and then i say i take it your interested in dating mixed guys she says yes i was gonna repsond after that but she blocked me

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  • Dont even bother with pof. You'll only find bottom of the barrel girls, fat girls, bitchy girls, or psychos. You on the other hand seem like an ambitious guy... Go up to a girl in real life and ask her to coffee. I know the feels bro, although i usually get a few replys, it doesn't amount to anything

    • dude im too shy and scared it really sucks too scared to do it in person and getting nothing online it really screws with my self esteem even worse and makes me want to stop trying at it

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    • @ImNotCreativeEither dude that she felt sorry for him stands out to me im not gonna date a girl tahts doing it cause she pitys me cause im so ugly

    • Thats fair. No one wants to date someone out of pity. But do what girls do. Put your best pics up at retarded angles and keep the convo casual, you'll get there

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  • Use a different dating site, I heard POF is crap.

    • i got the same thing on okcupid thats why i switched

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    • Or "welcome to my page!"

    • ok now this hypothetical but i need you to role play with the way it looks now if you was a girl on the site would you be attracted

  • try changing the title to something positive? not inviting girls to block you. also put more description on personality, so they can actually get to know you through your profile. ex: funny, silly, talkative, shy, outgoing?

    • i only changed it to the block me part cause im frustrated thats all that ever happens

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  • Well I'd fix the tagline for starters. I get you're trying to be funny but it's clearly coming across as bitter.

    Maybe add a little more content - something original - in the open ended questions sections. Don't go all out and write a novel - leave something to the imagination - but something to hook a girl's interest.

    But maybe the problem is with the messages you're sending.

    • no its not trying to be funny you hit the nail on the head i am bitter its acceptable to get ignored by hot women cause im not in their league but dude this happens with every girl on here i mean no one wanted to listen when i said girls thought i was repulsive this backs that up. but as far as the message i send i greet her by name and say i think you seem like a cool girl and it would be nice if we went on a date and had a chance to see if there's a connection

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    • Well you need to get some friends. That's going to be a major hindrance.

    • I don't mean to be a jerk here but my truthful opinion is that if you really have zero friends then you have more pressing problems. You might want to consider seeing a therapist. Again, I'm really not trying to be mean. Seeing a therapist doesn't mean there's something wrong with you, just that you might need someone's help figuring out why you can't connect with people or are too intimidated to try.