Am I over reacting?

So my boyfriend and I practically live together, I live at his place. I haven't moved in yet because i'm trying to get out of my lease, but stay almost every night. Every time his best friend comes over, they smoke cigs and then go in and play video games, while i sit on the couch and watch. They never ask me to join, but he always invites me to come hang out too. I drive 45 min up to his house everyday, which is a lot, leving behind hanging with my friends or doing stuff around my town. I find it super rude that he ask me to come down cause he wants to see me, but then treats me like i'm not there. I ignored it the first time but second i got mad. This third time, he begged me to come back up after my classes cause he missed me and he would make dinner. About 2 hours before i left to head down, he sent me a text saying he wanted to go out tonight with me and his best friend. This upset me because he knew i had 3 exams and lots of homework he said he would help me with. I replied with, "I can't go out tonight, but i thought we had plans." He said it's on Thursday can't you just do it all tom! Everytime his friends ask him to go out or to hang he immediatly acts like I don't matter. I want him to hang with his friends, but i hate thinking we are spending time together and him changing plans on me. I believe we should both make days to hang with friends so nobody gets left behind bored. Am I over reacting or should i be getting upset about this?

I've tried talking to him, he says he gets it and will change but this is the third time... I just dont know what to do.


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  • Yes. you've the right to get upset about it. He wants you to come over by driving 45 mins and he treated you like absolute 'air'


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  • I think if you haven't spoken to him about it yet, you might be a little. How is he supposed to know it bothers you if you don't talk to him? Just make sure when you talk to him about it to have it be an open conversation with no anger.


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  • if you haven't told him and just get mad at him doing it, i think this is more on you. if you have talk to him about this... i mean all that you wrote on here, then you aren't overreacting. i'd be really pissed too if i were you (no homo).

  • i think you may be too clingy. you seem to always be chasing after him. he never makes an effort to see you.

    • He just moved out on his own and can't afford to come see me, and begs me to come down to him everyday. I'm far from clingy.

    • i'm just saying. maybe if you make him chase you a little bit. He knows you'll always come to him thats why he doesn't value his time with you. i don't mean to offend you.

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