Guys: how could a shy and quiet girl let you know she's interested or be friendly?

I'm quiet and get shy around guys I like. I tend to try to hide it due to low self esteem and fear of attention, but at the same time I would like his attention, it's still just so scary for me though. I have a lab partner whom I sort of like. I feel like I come off cold and unfriendly though. How could I change this and let him know I appreciate/like (in general as a person) him. I don't want to let him know i'm interested, just that I like him as a friend. I mean, I might as well start there since I need to start somewhere. I know a lot of people feel flattered when a shy person likes them enough to show it, so what are ways I can do this? Are there any things shy and quiet girls/guys have done or said to you that let you know they appreciate you?


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  • very hard for shy girls to say things like that... a guy should be genious enough to know that the girl likes him


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  • That's the main problem , ''i don't want to let him know i'm interested''
    It's the typical mind games that young girls are playing. Obviously...
    Has he asked you out yet?


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  • Hm, I think first of all you have to decide if your interested or not, because based on what you wrote, it doesn't seem like your sure.

    There are lots of ways you can connect with people. Start by making eye contact, and letting him know you're interested in what he's saying. Be confident, smile, and keep up with your end of the conversation :)