Is my boyfriend using me?


My boyfriend and I have been dating for not so long -- maybe a month or so. But, I am already suspecting something is up. I am, not to toot my own horn, a very good writer and have gotten A's my whole life. All my peers know and recognize my intelligence, so many people regard me as the smartest (which I do not think is true). I am not sure when this started happening, but usually every day, my boyfriend asks me to help him with HIS homework. I usually do. His reasoning is "you're just a much better writer than me. It's too hard." He, though, gets good grades as well, and he never needed anyone before we started dating to do his work, so this confuses me. Usually, though, when I begin to help him, he starts playing one of his video games instead of working, and then every so often asks "are you done yet?" When I say no, he gets a little annoyed and goes "What? What have you been doing?"

This has been getting on my nerves lately but I don't know if I'm blowing it out of proportion. I'm sure he loves me -- I am his first girlfriend and he has been rejected his whole life, so I don't think he would be using me... But am I too easy to take advantage of, in regards to homework? Please help!


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  • Haha take it easy. .. it's just a homework


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  • Do not do your boyfriend's homework. You aren't doing him any favors because he won't have you there to do his exams, now will he? He is definitely using you to do his work for him and you need to stop immediately. If he wants help, explain it to him, don't do it for him, and tell him he has to do it himself because if he doesn't he won't learn anything.


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  • I personally think that he is taking advantage of you. Also if I were you I'd tell him that I agreed to help him, not to do it for him and that he needs to get his sh*t together and start doing his own work.