If he texted me after is he interested after the first date?

I went on a first date yesterday just a lunch I had to rush back to work but two hours later he texted me about something his friend did and this guy he told me about I should follow on instagram. Is this a sign he liked me on our date and is still interested? He never said specifically hey I had a good time.


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  • This is going to be a harder call than if I'd just answered the brief version of the question. Based on what you said, even though he did not specifically say he had a good time, the speed at which he texted you communicates interest.

    I did something similar with a woman I liked. . . she didn't get it despite me actually saying I had a good time and enjoyed spending time with her.


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  • He might be interested in you. Thé thing is there is no certain result. You need to keep going. Dont focus on him a lot. Just keep going.


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  • I think he stills like you and is interested. The fact he's talking to you is a really good sign :)