When your ex texts you out of the blue?

My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago we had both gone thru rough divorces and got in a relationship pretty quick together. We were together for 9 months and happy then one day he said he just couldn't be in a serious relationship and we broke up we see each other at our children's school 3 times a week and just say hi. I have not talked or called or text in 3 weeks and out of the blue he texts me for mothers day, he said I hope you have a great mothers day and hope everything is good. I ignored the text because I don't know if he is just messing with my head. He knows that I wanted a relationship.


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  • Don't disregard my opinion because I'm young. But it sounds like he might have been overwhelmed, and scared to commit again so soon. People can't be together and happy. Then just break up for no reason. You were happy, he was probably scared. I'm sure he cares about you a great deal, but don't read too much into his text. Guys tend to do or say things out of the blue. And not realize how much women will over-analyze it (I'm not implying you did that). I think it was a good idea to ignore the text. Give him some time. Since he sees you 3 times a week, I think there's a good chance memories of being with you will stay fresh in his head, and when the time is right, provided you haven't moved on, he will probably want to try again with you. Good Luck!

  • I think he was just being polite. Nothing more.


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