Guys, Why do guys like clingy or controlling girlfriends?

My friend (obviously a guy) says that he loves having a controlling/clingy girlfriend. Wouldn't a guy rather have an independant girlfriend that lets the guy do what HE wants instead of following everything she wants?


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  • We all have the instinct to be a provider/protector, so it really feels good to be needed. I don't mind a girl who is independent, but I do want to be able to help her and make her life easier, so if you take the independent too far, that can be a let down.

    Don't make yourself crazy clingy for a guy, but just remember that if you are not willing to let your SO do something for you and take care of you (this goes for guys too, btw) then you should just stay single.

  • I wouldn't say it's all guys. Personally, I prefer casual relationships, as there are less reasons for argument. But, if I was to have an opinion, I would say that some men crave a controlling woman as it is a dominant form of affection. Some men like being with a dominant or clingy girlfriend as it can make the man feel wanted