How does he feel?

I met this guy and we were talking for a few days. We had a one night stand and it turned into us like casually dating. He would call me, text me, we would hang out all the time. He would call me his wife & his Mrs. But after a while ended up telling me he doesn't want to be in a relationship because his ex had broke his heart. He says he had loved her a lot and she had cheated on him. At one point in time I had asked him if we were friends with benefits or more , he had said friends with benefits at first and then change it to more than that. Then after a while he said we're back to friends with benefits. But he tells me that he isn't intimate with other girls, he doesn't just give himself away to other girls. He's a faithful guy. But when I ask him if he talks to other girls he says that they're his friends and he isn't with them how he's with me. After sex he usually holds me, holds my hand, our legs are always intertwined. He always motions for me to lay on his chest. Even when I roll over because I get hot he pulls me closer to hold me from behind. He does sometimes get a little jealousy but tries to hide it by saying he can't feel a way because we're not in a relationship. Does he have feelings and is in denial about them? Or is he just afraid of getting hurt again?


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  • Sometimes this kind of relationship will be overcrossed to the point of so many romantic gestures that shouldn't be have in it. I think the main question now is are you willing to wait for him accepting the condition now.


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  • Personally too much baggage for my taste. Do you really want an indecisive guy who thinks it's okay to care how the relationship between you and him only effects him? He's feeding you a bunch of bullshit. Basically he's getting the milk for free so why invest in the cow? ( just an expression). Do yourself a favor and set your boundaries with him. If a man is interested in a woman seriously he won't be feeding you all that "I'm not sure" crap.