Is it possible to fall in love with a girl you've not seen and talk for a year?

It been 8 months for me now with this feeling, i experiencing love again after 6 years.
If I'm not mistaken she use to like me and have been texting and talking to me for about 2 years but i sometime ignore her because i thought of her as a friend. I always have good feeling toward this girl, I think she's really nice, but i didn't know i would have a romance feeling for her until now.
Is this possible? because we haven't talk for a year and somehow I just realize that I like her. At first I thought the feeling would go away after a few weeks, but it doesn't, it almost a year now and I'm still having this feeling.

Ps. I have tried reconnecting with her again through text already and we been talking for month now.

Sorry for bad English


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