What does it feel to be cheated on?

Does it change how you date in the future? Does it mess with your self esteem? I'm not trying to be rude im just curious. I see a lot of people turn a bit bitter aftetwards and let ONE person change so much. I just want to hear some stories and thoughts of people who have expirienced this so i can inderstand better.


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  • Yes it changed how I dated. It crushed my self esteem and confidence. My personality changed after that. I couldn't help but feel it was something I did. I became a doormat of a nice guy, so afraid to say something that might make a woman cheat or leave. It took years before I recovered from it. And years before I forgave her.


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  • What dos it feel like to be cheated on? It makes you feel like you aren't worth it anymore. Like you are not attractive. It hurts you very deeply. Especially if this is a man you've been with a long time. I had been with my ex a year and a half when I found out he had been cheating on me for about a month. It almost killed me. Literally. I tried to commit suicide, because I suddenly went from feeling very very secure about myself, to feeling very insecure. I didn't understand why I was everything he wanted for a year and a half, then suddenly not anymore. I had put on a little bit of weight, and I didn't feel wanted, needed, or attractive anymore. I cried from the time I woke up until I would fall asleep from nothing more than exhaustion. It hurt so, so, so badly.
    I am in a happy, healthy relationship now. And yes, sometimes I do worry that he's going to cheat on me. I know how it affected me before. It hurts. Everytime you see that person with the one they cheated on you with it feels like a knife. So much you have to force yourself not to want to retailiate. I am a naturally very sweet, kind, and outgoing person so for me to want to retailiate I know most other people would too.


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  • You feel as if you can never trust any woman again, about anything, ever...

  • It's a trust thing more than anything. You feel this special connection with someone and they tell you thud never cheat on you, then they do. How would you feel if someone shattered your trust in them?


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