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I have been going out with my boyfriend for 4 months and he has started to change. I have moved an hours drive away to work at an outdoor place for the winter (I am 2 months in) . My boyfriend has started to insult me with rude comments about my looks or complains that i want to stay in one night instead of go out etc. I was really happy with my boyfriend before and now i feel a bit uncomfortable and on edge when he is around. He doesn't show any affection towards me or text me and i feel like he is pulling away from me. Maybe going away for a few months was the wrong thing to do but i am loving what i am doing and have made some great friends. He is being really difficult and blames me of everything. He is rude to my friends and the atmosphere is tense when he visits me (I live in staff quarters with 5 other but have my own room).

I don't know whether i can do anything to make it better or i should just break it off and move on.


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  • Time to end this one. It won't change


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