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My (ex) boyfriend got me pregnant. i kissed his brother acciedently and then a week later i found out about the baby. My guy bestfriend knocked for me later that day. He cheered me up. we went down the chippy and he said 'can i also have that battered sausage, dont worry i will put it in my pocket.' to the man. i laughed so hard. I then realised i was falling for him, i had noticed before but i tried to retain it. we then kissed at my house whilst home alone. but the worst thing is, he's my sisters ex. im not a bad person i just dont know what i want. please help me! should i admit my feelings to him or keep on saying it was a mistake?


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  • You have too many complicated problems in your life. Go to therapy, it's less retarded.

    • Yeah, that's what I was going to say

    • Therapy isn't the answer, im gonna have a baby boy. The father is being very supportive but my sisters ex is so funny and just genrally good to be around

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  • This is too much you need to slow down and get your priories in check figure out if you actually want to keep the baby and stop chasing after these nuckle heads get your business in order before you open another can of worms


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  • Get off the drugs ASAP.

  • You definitely don't know what you want, and because of that, you should stop focusing on what guy to hook up with next, and start focusing on the future and health of your child. Honestly, you're not mature enough to handle yourself, let alone a baby. At this point, I seriously worry for your baby... as of now, it doesn't seem like it will be raised by a mentally mature or stable person... and that's terrifying to know.

    You may not be a bad person, but you sure are making really selfish and poor decisions in life.

    • thankyou, im not a bad person, no. and i can look after a child. i mainly raised my brother. i dont know what i want. im 16.

  • This is either a troll or your life is pretty messed up. And confusing.

    • well thankyou for pointing out the obvious about my life

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    • the ex knows and i genrally get along with guys better, like Im one of the lads but sometimes its gets a little complicated. the ex is caring and will be a good father

    • It's fine to have guy friends but don't go messing around with them all.