Boyfriends EX friends with benifits?

So my boyfriend used to be best friends with this girl and guy. They always hung out. Then after a while he started becoming friends with benifits with her. The three of them still hung out all the time. Then he started getting feelings for her so they ended it, for her to come out and say a few weeks later she was lesbian. I've always felt a little weird about the situation cause he still wants to hang with her and still calls her one of his best friends. The other day it was his birthday, he has texted her earlier in the week telling her to come to his party and she said happy birthday on his birthday, but he deleted his text messages so i couldnt see them. Then he called her the night before his birthday 5 different times, but doesn't remember it and says it might have been the other best friend. Should I be worried? I don't wanna be over reacting, but i'm kinda really bothered by it. I don't feel like anyone would tell me if he was seeing her again or not. He loves me, i just think there is still something there.


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  • i wouldn't put myself in this situation. too many lines crossed


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  • Any guy who deletes something so you won't see it should be under suspiscion automatically.. I would be concerned but like the dude up there said.. I wouldn't put myself in this position.. So all i can say is go with your first reaction.. he isn't telling you so you just gotta find out yourself 😏 but honestly his feelings for her seems pretty clear

    • what do you mean by his feelings for her seem pretty clear?

    • Deleting text messages.. Multiple night calls.. Has had sex with her and told her his feelings and has been rejected.. But they are still friends.. So im pretty sure his feelings are still there.. Probably just hidden.. But there


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  • I would maybe ask him about it or do some digging. I don't think you have anything to worry about but i won't like it if that was my boyfriend. Goood Luck