What's best for meeting women to date?

  • Hobby classes such as art classes.
    50% (3)14% (1)31% (4)Vote
  • Sports groups
    0% (0)14% (1)8% (1)Vote
  • Interest and social groups such as walking groups
    33% (2)43% (3)38% (5)Vote
  • Voluntary/charity groups
    17% (1)14% (1)15% (2)Vote
  • Other
    0% (0)15% (1)8% (1)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hobby classes I'd say.

    • Better than interst and social groups you think?

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    • Well yeah all are hobbies/interests but in classes you learn new skills through being taught whilst in simple hobby/interest groups you just go to do it with others of similar interests for fun.

    • If I went to a board game thing - I learn about new board games and how to play them...
      If I go to a sculpting class - I learn how to sculpt things...

      learn in both of them...

Most Helpful Guy

  • Either one could work but I think the most likely places would be through an interest and social group and then doing a doing charity.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hobby classs that you really really like!

    • Are they better then interest and social groups do you think?

    • No not really and not sure.

What Guys Said 1

  • Where the f*** are these groups? I'm on meetup and there's hardly anything near other than "Intro to knitting for 50's-60's" and bingo night.

    • Do you live in a rural village?

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    • I'm thinking about doing sports and volunteer work again to meet people.

    • Great idea.