Would it matter to you if you found out the person you are casually dating has bipolar disorder, and if so, why?

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness in which the diagnosed person has extreme highs and lows. Divorce rate when one of the partners is diagnosed with bipolar disorder is as high as 90%. The statistics surrounding bipolar disorder and relationships are scary, there is no doubt. However, bipolar people can and do have successful marriages and relationships. The chances of having such a relationship can be improved by learning about the disorder, seeking proper treatment and developing particular strategies for dealing with the stressors that can arise from syptomatic episodes.

Alfonsosloan45 - I was actually hoping for a little bit more in a response than that. That response was quite unfair. I'm assuming you've never dated or didn't know you dated someone with a mental illness. I'm sure you've met several in your life, given the fact that 5.7 million American adults have bipolar disorder alone.
Attractive_Guy - how do you know this? Do you have bipolar?


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  • Bipolar disorder is a horrible fucking thing if it's not medicated. Fuck that.

    • No, I don't have bipolar disorder, but instead I have known quite a variety of people who have as it runs on one side of the family never skipping a generation. In reality it's bad both ways; the depression sucks, but that's obvious, it's the Mania that gets me where people will freaking buy shit they don't even want on impulse or do crazy stunts just for giggles that may or may not impact their futures in major ways but always seems to make them look dumb. Without medication even if it's a slow swap ( low frequency wave shape ) it's still annoying since the rises and falls tend to take longer.

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  • It would matter to me. A lot. But if I really liked them, I'd try to tolerate it.


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