How into me is he? Am I a hookup or does he want more?

The short of it is that I've seen the guy four times, all four times he's slept over. Twice we've been out for a drink, seen some fireworks.. Etc, the other two we've spent indoors watching lord of the rings to which he always falls asleep. While he's with me he often does make sexual advances but often says stuff like you're going to be a good girl again right and kisses my forehead. He said the last time that we're going to have to start going out now we've seen all the LOTR films babe and saying he wanted to sleep but he's want to sleep with me if he did, he's quite forceful with his hands which I like ( not in a violent way) and we spoon and cuddle all night which we've done all of those times. He make a joke about me holding off until Christmas so it being a Christmas present and him wanting me to come visit him at his. He's very busy and successful so doesn't talk to me all the time but does text me and update me at least once a day or if really busy the following day... I just don't know what to make of him. I really like him but attempting to play it cool. Help!!!


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  • I am a boy and if I will ever do this to a girl, that means I love her and if u don't get it, the conclusion I made is that he loves you and better ask him like "heey... do you think I look ok?" and soooo chat and chat and reach the stage where he texts you - "I love you babe"


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  • I think he might want a relationship. He seems really into you.