Can anyone please offer me advice on how to handle this guy?

I've been talking to this guy since April, and it's kind of a situation where I feel I'm stuck in. I don't have feelings for him, but going a long time without talking to him starts a cycle. When he messages me or I him, it almost always results in regret. Whenever I speak to him, he puts me in a situation I don't feel comfortable in, and doesn't understand the concept of "no.". I can't just cut him out of my life because I don't want to run into him or leave him hanging, but around June I starting getting really bad anxiety whenever I would talk to him. I felt better after finally establishing a common ground with him and he didn't contact me after. But we've been talking again and since then I've been having bad attacks. He asked me to go out on Friday night, just so we could officially meet and talk about things, but I really don't want to put myself in any situation that I might regret - even though he's trying to convince me everything will be fine. The excuses have to stop at some point, but I don't really know how to go about this.


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  • Whats exactly the problem really?, just be true and real to yourself. Respect yourself. Dont allow him to push you over or convince of you things u dont wanna do. I certainly met my fair share of unpleasent ladies. Many I just ended up cutting from my life completely, didn't respond to reason and they were just so destructive or a headache. But ya be real an honest, if dont wanna go, dont go.


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  • Hang out with him and confront him about it face to face. He cannot convince you to do anything you don't want to.