Call or Text for Birthday?

Hi! quick question. I date a woman but the things got cold in the last weeks. I wanted to give her space and not contact her for a while. She doesn't seem very enthusiastic anymore and she is kind of flaky.

In several days she has birthday. Should I
- do nothing - go along with no contact
- text her "Happy B-day"
- call her

PS: most of the communication was texting

  • Do nothing
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  • Text
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  • Call
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One update. With dating I mean: sex included. And she had several weeks when she was all over me.


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  • I would wish her the happy birthday but nothing more. Even if she texts a thank you don't start pursuing her unless she gives you a clear sign or invites to meet.


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  • Buy her a car but remove the engine so it can't move


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  • Text her. Shows her u r thinking of her and gives her the option to respond.


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